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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30th and July 3rd


The farm is bursting with color and size!  Look out for enormous heads of lettuce this week.  I am having a hard time keeping up with the harvest and trying not to overwhelm you guys.  New veggies are coming on every week and the long season/warmer crops are looking promising!  Yeah!!!!  (I do hope this set of thunderstorms miss us this week, just in case any of you had an in with the thunder god).
Peas!  Yes, we have peas this year...and it seems as though we will have some sugar snap peas too.  I know it may not be enough to put up for the winter, but a sweet sample just the same.  I seeded a super tasty variety, but they are not crazy productive.  Next year, maybe I will try a more productive variety.  It's tricky though, with strawberry picking and everything else to do, it's hard to find enough harvest hours.  It takes us 6 man hours to harvest 50 lbs.  Fifty pounds may seem like a lot, but to share that with everyone on a pick up day, drops it down to one pound per full shares and a half a pound for halves....just to give you an idea : )
It's snow!  It's ice!  No, it's just remay.  This protective sheet is 50'x200' and is tethered down with sand bags.  It has stayed on quite well this year despite all the wind (thank goodness!) and is keeping our melons, summer squash, zucchini and cucumbers warm and safe from beetles.
However, the plants underneath are starting to flower/fruit (that is a good thing) and must come out of their protective shell.  Wish them luck as they journey from the cushy life to the real world.

The baby turkeys have arrived!  (I didn't have a pic of the turks, but I had this cute one of Simon....)

This week's bounty: lettuce, kale, hakurei, kohl rabi, tat soi, broccoli (for those who did not get it last week), shell peas, carrots, basil, dill and cilantro
KOHL RABI--makes a great slaw and crudité for your 4th of July meals!

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