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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The Veggies are Coming!!!

I know he looks stoic, but Simon is very excited about his coming season!  As I rush to write the first blog of the season, I realize I have not taken any photos for a couple of weeks.  Well, that is because we have been running full speed ahead, nearly in circles already!!!  The crazy wet-cold turned to crazy hot-dry overnight and we have been racing to stay caught up with prepping fields, transplanting, seeding, harvesting and rain dancing.  Irrigation set up is quickly climbing to the top of the priority list.

Dudley and Daphney are still on slug patrol, although they are a little disappointed we don't get 4" of rain every week.  If slugs aren't on their minds, then they are thinking about a new boyfriend: "must be short and stout with a full body of plumage, bright orange feet, a strong beak and a robust Quack.  must like to take romantic waddles through the fields and be willing to share meals.  must want a family of 8-12 and be good with little ones.  we are cute and our owner is the best.  please send message via airmail if interested."
This weeks Goodness:
spinach, lettuce, sorrel, chives, potatoes, carrots, beets and rutabagas
Sorrel: a robust lemony green.  Great with eggs, in tarts, quiche or a tiny bit in your salad.

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