Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7th and 10th: The Greenhouse

The GreenHouse

Well despite the heat, we pounded posts on Saturday and erected the bows on Sunday.  Monday evening we finished one end wall and now we have one end wall left...and then of course the plastic which hopefully won't mimic the days of childhood gym class playing with the parachute.  This house will be heated by propane in the late winter months and will be used to start seedlings for transplanting.  I will miss my time at MidCoast with Dale, but I am excited to have greenhouse space here to play in.  There is much I have to learn about temperature control, but I am hoping the curve will be minor.  The other addition will be time spent watering--three times a day on hot ones like this!

The farm, although humid, is thriving.  The farmer, although very hot, is happy.  Bugs have loosened their grip on some plants and have reared their nasty heads on others, but all in all I am feeling abundant.  A feeling that is full of thankfulness, wonder and peace. 

This Week's Abundance: lettuce, turnips, chard, new potatoes!, baby rainbow carrots, cabbage, red scallions/onions, summer squash, zukes, a few tomatoes, a few eggplant for those who love it, greenbeans, parsley, basil, oregano, cilantro sage and cukes of course

In the not so distant future...peppers and melons!

Last Night's Dinner:

Editor's Note...I know the photos don't look that appetizing, but both meals tasted great!!!!

Baked chicken with turnips and new potatoes baked right in with the bird.  Sauteed greenbeans with basil.

Leftover chicken, in panko (Japanese breadcrumbs).  More new potatoes.  Sauteed broccoli, beet greens and garlic.  And a sweet and sour sauce!

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