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Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 21st and 24th: The Fields

The Fields

So this week I thought I would give you a virtual tour of the farm! The pictures do not nearly give it justice, so please feel free to walk around the farm on your own. You are more than welcome to.

Most fields are half an acre in size...about 100'x200'.  Some vary a little here and there, but for the most part I try and keep them the same for planning, planting and reuse of fabric (it can all be cut to the same length and used interchangeably).  I am starting to get a little greedy and want for more space, so some fields have gotten a little wider.  This does not effect my reuse of fabric so much, but it does make the irrigation header a little short.  Shoot.

Each field has a name.  This again helps in planning, but it also helps when talking about what work needs to be done and where, data recording as to where things have been planted, sprayed, fertilized, irrigated, harvested etc.  

The farm is divided into what we call "the Front Field" and "The Back Field".  The front field is where the community barn, hoophouse are and the back field is up over the "little ridge".  We will start with the Front Field first...

Martha's Field
This field is one of my favorites.  It can get a bit soggy in spots, but for the most part it has nice soil and is pleasant to work in. It was supposed to be resting this year, but our 9 inch rain storm early in the season threw me for a loop and I had to move some things around.  It now has some winter carrots in it and the 2nd planting of green beans.  The tall corn looking stuff is a cover crop called sorghum sudan grass--great for adding organic matter and competing out weeds. Martha's field is located just behind our neighbor's house from whom we bought this property. It had been in Martha's family for generations and farmed out in different capacities: hay, corn, chickens and gardens.  Sadly, Martha died nearly 4 years ago today and she is greatly loved and missed.

The Sink Hole
This field is located right next to Martha's field, close to the "little ridge".  It is quite rocky/gravelly and looses nutrients quickly.  And right in the middle of the field there is a wet spot that people (and tractors) have been known to sink in.  I am not sure if the water just drains there from the ridge or if there is a little spring, but when everywhere else dries out enough to walk/drive in it is still treacherous.  This year it's growing your onions, parsley, chard and winter squash.

Now onto the Back field...

The Flat Field
This field, pictured on the right and where the pigs are.  It is our flattest field, hence the name.  This field was in PYO strawberries for the last few years and became very weedy.  I was excited to put the pigs here this year and am excited to have this field back into production in 2013.

The Long Field
This is the field pictured on the left.  Named the long filed because it is 270' in length on the left and then narrows back down to 200' on the right. This view coming up over the little ridge is usually one of my favorites.  Again the photos do not do it justice.  This is where I had the garlic this year and now I have plastic over it trying to kill a few of those jerky nematodes.  But it is also growing your broccoli, beets, melons and corn.  

The Sandy Field
This field is in the way back corner and is SUPER sandy.  I for some reason put all my important crops in it this year (beans, tomatoes, zukes, cukes, carrots) and after I seeded it all worried that it would not grow since it is so dry.  But behold! the new irrigation gave it some water and it has been pumping out nice veg for the last month.  Thank goodness!!!

The Pine Tree Field
Apply named since there is a pine tree growing right in the middle of it : )  The tree was huge and is right beside an enormous rock, so rather than moving it, we worked around it.  This field is also in the way back beside the sandy field.  It has some sandy parts, but is not near so much as the sandy field.  It holds the asparagus, potatoes and peas.  Some of it is in cover crop after the rain washed all the corn away and had to be reseeded in the Long field. 

That's it, the virtual tour...but do come walk around, it is much more pleasing to the eye than pixelated computer color.  

 Ahhh this cooler weather has felt sooooooooooooooo wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The humidity was wearing us down (dog, cats, people, plants...).
And that nice rain--whew!
We needed it. 1.55 inches over 3 days, very nice.

There are still a few out there. 
Glean for free, walk and graze, eat 'em up!!!

This Week's Harvest:  lettuce, cukes, zukes, ss, chard, kale, melons, peppers! cabbage...

soon to come...corn!

Last Night's Dinner:
(well side dish)
Chopped summer squash (raw), cukes, peppers, onions, dill, cilantro and basil, olive oil and salt
crunchy, refreshing, yummy!!!

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