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Monday, August 8, 2011

August 9th and 12th

It's a Lily Fest!!
Be sure to check out the pick your own garden for fantastic color and fragrance to add to your home. The lilies are still in full swing and the gladiolas are just beginning to open. They are best to pick when the bottom two flowers have opened.
CHERRY TOMATOES!!!! are starting to ripen. They are in a little patch right next to the hoop house. You can graze now, soon there should be plenty for picking to bring home. Tomatilloes are also there, but they are not ripe yet. We must wait until they fill their paper shell.
Diving into the zucchini patch!!
I don't know how many of you know this but most cucumber, summer squash and zucchini plants have tiny spines on the stems of the plants (and on the fruit themselves in the case of the cucumber). Picking them helps to build my pain tolerance level! Today it took me 2 hours to harvest 800' of cucs, zucs and summer squashes, amounting to 250 pounds. I suppose a few whences and scratches are worth it ;)
This Week's Loot: ss, cucs, zucs, green beans, broccoli? peppers? cabbage, chard, beets and fresh garlic!
I will apologize for the short blogs these last few weeks and the lack of color and formatting. Blogger seems to be having a mental breakdown, or maybe it is me. But for some reason the basic formatting is no longer working for me. If anyone has any suggestions...

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  1. Found a delicious recipe combining cherry tomatoes and watermelon in a zesty salad. Substitute the sherry vinegar for balsamic v. and add some cilantro - delicious