Monday, August 15, 2011

August 16th and 19th


These pigs are the craziest pigs I have ever raised!  They acted shy at first but I think it was all an act.  I had fun taking photos--they ALL wanted to get their nose in...such hams

And then there is this guy...he just lays in the trough and eats!  This actually what I feel like at the end of the day..."eat? or sleep? Aha!  I can just do both!"

This weekend we at lobster at a friend's.  The pigs LOVE lobster so we brought home all the leftover shells.  It was actually good timing to have this special treat as a lure to get the pigs into the trailer.  After several hours of coaxing (and one awesome pig tackle by Zach!), we finally moved all 11 pigs to a new spot.  It is out past the hoop house...don't forget about them, they would love to nibble..I mean see you :)

Ahhh feels so wonderful to have this bit of moisture!  Some plants are beyond being able to use the extra drink, but others are responding nicely.  I am hoping this late rain will boost the fall crops like cabbage, winter squash and onions.

CROWS...I don't remember them paying for a share this year but they sure have been indulging.  They have been enjoying lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers, watermelon and most recently corn.  Grrrrr!  They are very smart.  Very very smart.

This Week's Loot: cucs, zucs, summer squash, green beans, cabbage, baby carrots! and radish

Gotta love those zucchini and summer squash--they won't last forever: )

Zucchini Pesto:
Summer Squash Salad:

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