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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 29th and Sept 2nd

Good-bye Irene!
Well thank goodness that is over!   Coming from Ohio, I already have a slight fear of wind and being surround by large trees made me a little nervous this weekend.  We lost a lot of limbs and some big trees, but no damage.  The animals fared just fine, in fact the pigs are loving their new wetland.  The worst was the the wind and wet blew late blight through the tomatoes and soon they will all die.  I was looking forward to a great tomato harvest, had lots of nice sized ones on the vine...

Zach's mom lives in Sweden and sometimes she sends the most wonderful photos.  She lives in the country, very simple and sometimes travels further into the country with a friend.  This is the traffic they faced...moooove over!  Check out that copper pot--gorgeous!  And the "rack" for the aluminum pots.  So sweet.  I was just visiting Sarah Spring's new creamery room for her cheese...I think her inspector would have a fit with this Swedish cheese room!  But I think Sarah would much prefer her space to have the look and feel of this.

The gardens are shifting for the seasons again.  This may be the last week for green beans and cucs and numerous squashes and zucchini.  (Some of you are probably cheering).  I will be trying to keep the diversity up as much as I can as we move into fall.  I am quite disappointed in my broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower this year as well as my onions.  The midsummer drought really affected those crops.  Bear with me though and soon we will be looking at winter squashes and edemame soybeans!

This Week's Loot: cucs, zucs, summer squash, beans, chard, tomatoes and corn

New This week:  Perpetual Spinach--It is in the chard family but has a little lighter taste like spinach.  Let me know what you think.

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