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Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 26th and 29th

The Strength of a Plant Now that's a head of lettuce !
Since the beginning of June we have received 2.5" of rain. While harvesting last week, I was just blown away and humbled at how nice most of the vegetables looked. Through soil that is nearly dust right now, these plants have found enough moisture and nutrients to grow.
Check out the roots of this scallion, they are almost 10" long!!! These little roots were an inspiration to me last week. And all the summer squashes, zucchini and tomatoes look amazing. I think I will pick the first green beans this week too. Although the vegetables may not be as bountiful and robust as I would like, they have encouraged me not to get too down...although I do still hope we get rain this week : )

Busy busy weekend. Saturday was spent building a knee wall and putting rafters on the timber frame barn I have set in the woods near the raspberries. The intention for this structure is to have a dry place to store straw for mulching crops like tomatoes and strawberries. With the help of 2 other folks, we pushed through the heat and hot sun, and made the wood pile a little smaller.

Sunday has mostly been spent setting up drip irrigation. It is the first time I have ever used drip irrigation so it will take some getting used to. There are pipes all over the place and I have already mowed over one! Installation is a rather tedious task and is taking a little longer than I had hoped. Maybe Murphy's Law will kick in and rain will come just as I finish!

Survive the heat...Eat Ice Cream!!!

This year I will give the proceeds to LACO, our local food bank.

Bring a little extra cash for a cone--one scoop $2; 2 scoops $3

(M&M, and black raspberry from The Big Dipper)


On sale this week and next for $4 a pint. They are high bush, no spray from right around the corner. If you are interested in ordering a larger quantity than 2 pints for freezing please let me know!


Whole birds will be available on Friday August 5th. Look for the sign up sheet in the barn this week.

PICK RASPBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Week's Loot: lettuce, beets, red onions, chinese cabbage (I know, I know, but it is good!), zucchini and summer squash for all?, green beans?, the last of the sugar snap peas...

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