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Monday, July 11, 2011

July 12th and 15th

Some Like it HOT!!!
Baby turkeys arrived this week!!! They are super cute and running around. The first couple weeks of their life they like it to be 95 degrees--well they are Loving this heat!!! You may come and visit them, they are up in our house barn. Just please be careful not to knock over their pen and parents keep an eye on your children in our not-so-child-proof-barn.

PYO Raspberries!!!! Opens up this week!!! There are still a few strawberries left too. They are harder to find but man are they SWEET!!! The raspberries have just started to ripen so there aren't tons yet but there will be soon. Again it is priced/lb, please bring your own containers.

PYO Flowers!!! There is also basil and some parsley in the PYO garden. Don't be shy but please remember to share : )

I was just looking at photos from last year--man is it hard not to compare notes. I think I would be feeling okay except that it just feels so hot and dry. Maybe we will get some soft rain this week. Also my tractor is broken. It has been having trouble for a couple of weeks, but now it is really bad. I think it is fixable but I feel crippled without it! And the deer!!! Oh dear have they been AWFUL this season. They just keep finding things to eat....

This Week's Loot: baby baby carrots, lettuce, chard, hakurei turnips, garlic scapes and a few peas --check it out!

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