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Monday, July 18, 2011

July 19th and 22nd

The Sleeping Dog

After a hard days work of chasing groundhogs, being chased by Dora and looking oh so cute, Simon is pooped....

Our Christmas present to ourselves was a new (very much so needed) couch. We ditched one couch and saved the futon, thinking it could go nicely in the upstairs office. However, Simon quickly took over the futon as his new dog bed. How could you blame him; it is 4 times as big AND it has pillows!

Sometimes he shares his "dog bed"...he gets no love...HA!

This week's loot: lettuce, new potatoes, scallions, beet greens, sugar snap peas, chinese cabbage, dill and the last of the garlic scapes.

Please pray for rain! If you like to get specific in your prayers, a nice soft inch would be nice.

New Potatoes:

These guys, unlike the late fall potatoes, are not "cured", meaning the skins have not fully developed to form a protective layer. They are delecate and should be kept in your fridge before eating. No need to peel them, the skins are soft and flaky and are perfect for mashing, baking or boiling for potato salad!

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