Tuesday, September 18, 2018

September 18th and 21st

 Cascading Summer

Alright so I will admit I complained about the hot sun a bit yesterday, knowing I shouldn't because cold weather is on its way.  Visually, I have been savoring the beauty and color the late warm summer has brought us.  The pyo flower garden is bright and vigorous, the cascading nasturtium wall the most beautiful and even the field plants, ones who are normally tired and waning by this time, are bright and full of life.  It's a bitter sweet time of year for me, shifting from summer to fall.  My work load literally gets heavier, but the length of the day's labor is less; the bounty is fun to harvest, but it blows my mind--feeling like I just planted the plants not to long ago!  

We pulled in the last of the winter squash yesterday.  It was a great haul.  I haven't done the numbers yet, but I think one of my best yields thus far.  Hopefully they will store nicely and we will enjoy these fruit well into winter.  Spaghetti Squash will be first in your summer share, although not yet!  I feel like giving winter squash in the share marks summer's end and I'm not quite ready yet : )

Moving the turkeys in the low evening light.
These fun critters get moved into fresh grass a few times a week.  I take down their fence and move their hut/feeders/water.  In the meantime, the turkeys wander around, exploring new places and clucking in excitement.  About the time I have their new pen set up, the come looking for me, happy to back "home" and I feed them their evening meal in their new space.  Curious and happy.  

This Week's Bounty: kale, radish, edemame, leek, eggplant, cukes, beans, pepper, carrot, potato, tomato. yum!!!

The Farmer's Table:
we are savoring so many things in their raw simple form; using the peppers as a scoop for tuna fish salad, arugula as a wrap for tomatoes and cheese, cucumbers as a vessel for homemade herbed dip, melons as dessert!

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