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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August 29th and September 1st

The Color of Bounty

I have several parameters when choosing which seeds to buy and grow for the CSA:  
1st) Flavor 
2nd) Disease Resistance/Growth Performance on our soil
3rd) Size at maturity (I don't do baby or gigantic)
4th) Price of the seed
and lastly) Appearance

I don't usually get sucked in to the descriptions of appearance in the catalog, but I am a true sucker for flavor descriptions.  However, while harvesting, I am amazed at the colors.  And I can't lie, it makes harvesting much more fun. 

Harvesting peppers is my favorite.  The plants are soft, not spiny or hard to get into.  The bright colors treat my eyes and my stomach knows how sweet they will taste.  Lots more to come in your share this season!!

Beets! I know not all of you love them, but you must be inspired by their impressive color!  Yes, they stain our hands a dark purple when we harvest, but they are another of my favorites to look at.

Tomatoes!  Talk about drooling while reading the seed catalog!  It's almost overwhelming the sheer amount of tomatoes to choose from nowadays.  Still I focus on flavor and disease resistance...that's what will give us beauties in end.  Indigo apple was a new one last year and the flavor is well as pleasing to the eye.  I can't say that our hands are very pleasing after tomato harvest, they are usually a hornworm green and remain stained for several washings!  

I hope your eyes are dazzled by color during pick up and food prep.  And your bellies are happy too!

This Week's Bounty of Colors: lettuce, carrots, chard, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cukes, zukes, melon, corn, dill, parsley, cilantro

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