Sunday, October 4, 2015

October 6th and 9th

Blood Moon

For some reason I was super excited to watch the Total Eclipse this past week.  The weather was gorgeous and the thought of cozying up in the hammock to watch a natural phenomenon was too much to miss. 
And that is just what we did (the 2 cats and Simon included).  We snuggled under a sleeping bag for near 4 hours watching and chatting as the earth's shadow crept over the moon.  Once it was fully covered, and the remaining light was reflected in the atmosphere, I was totally entranced.  It looked like fire was dancing across the moon, so large and perfectly round.  The sky was clear and glistened with the brightest stars, silently twinkling and shooting,making the night even more memorable.
I would like to think the pigs and turkeys enjoyed the spectacle just the same.  Wondering what was happening, or maybe so in tune with nature, they had no question in their head.  In any case, now that the full moon has passed, both humans and animals seem back to their normal self...

We planted a "beneficial flower mix" just inside the hoop house to attract bees and bug eating bug bugs.  Even though there is a chill in the air, the flowers are still peeping out, turning their cute heads toward the sun, hoping one more bee will visit them before winter hits.
This week's Bounty: lettuce mix, leeks, beets, kale, chard, radish, hakurei, eggplant, pepper and potato, winter squash

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