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Monday, October 12, 2015

October 13th and 16th

Full on Fall

It went from green to orange pretty quick this week.  Ahh, now it feels like fall!  We are certainly in "fall mode" here on the farm.  Planting garlic, cleaning out crops, buying straw for bedding strawberry plants, parsnips and garlic for winter, harvesting, washing, harvesting, washing, harvesting, washing.  It's challenging to find space for all that we are harvesting.  The weather shifts from warm to freezing quickly and those temperature extremes are not good for storage crops.  Ideally, it would all go directly into the cooler after harvest, but with pick ups still happening it's a tight squeeze...
By now you have all seen this character greeting you at pick up.  Every year we have a friendly competition with a neighbor family on who can grow the biggest pumpkin.  And every year they come up with a little scheme trying to terrify us into thinking their pumpkin is WAY bigger than ours.  This year, we came home one evening to catch them in the act of stealing one of our pumpkins!  Luckily it came back better than it left.  Super creative and wearing a Common Ground Fair T-shirt.
We still have not seen their pumpkin.  It sounds like it was actually a tight competition this year.  But I think they felt so guilty about stealing the pumpkin, they threw in the towel : )
This week's bounty: spinach, golden beets with greens, fennel, onion, celeriac, kohl rabi, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, pie pumpkin, watermelon radish...


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