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Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 24th and 27th: fresh new veggies


Okay, I will admit, those are not my hands (although one might argue that I do have man hands) and it's not my fennel.  Zach took the camera on a trip with him, so I was unable to photograph the fennel in my fields....they look just like this...and they taste awesome!!!  I know some of you will be terrified to take one, but I promise, they are a treat: roasted with peppers, tomatoes and onions or sliced thin on a sandwich or it pairs great with seafood...
Even though my body tells me it's fall and that it is time to slow down, the farm is bustling with activity.  It is actually very hard to prioritize right now.  Several crops are on the list for harvest before too much more rain or too cold of temps, the animals are bigger and need to be moved to fresh pasture more often, and fall tasks (like seeding the hoop house) need to happen before it gets too late.  Oh and I need to remember to bathe and eat : ) 
A big THANK YOU to the great crew of volunteers this weekend who cleaned hundreds of pounds of onions!!!
This week's bounty: lettuce mix, hakurei with greens, fennel, peppers, beets, potatoes, colored carrots, herbs chard/kale/tat soi/ pac choi, and lots of tomatoes!
Click here to learn about about fennel 
Don't throw out the fennel tops!!!  Click here for fennel top pesto

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