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Monday, September 9, 2013

September 10th and 13th: Fall air

Fall means TURKEY TIME!

These lovely ladies and gents are gobbling their way through our pastures...right to your plate!  Oh, was that mean?  No seriously, I love these guys while they are here.  They are quite the characters and, if I let them, they would just follow me all over the farm, right into my bed at night.  This week we are moving them way back to hang with the pigs, so be sure to visit them.
Don't miss out!
Please contact me via email or at pickup--$40 deposit
They will be ready, fresh, October 12th
Once again the air is brisk, a reminder that fall is right on our heels.  This time of year always makes me a little nervous, hoping that the last of my fall crops will have time to mature before first frost.  Your share last week started to move back into cool weather crops (arugula, turnip) and this week even more (tat soi, radish...and no more cukes!).  Hope you are ready for a punch of sweet fall greens and cabbages!
This Week's Bounty: (subject to change) lettuce, tat soi, kale, beets with greens, cabbage, yellow wax and green beans, hakurei turnip, radish, edemame, the very last of the zukes and summer squash, tomatoes, herbs, melons and corn

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