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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

August 7tha nd 10th

Fine Farm Moments

Already looking forward to 2019, we planted 1000 new strawberry plants this past month!  They are looking fine and loving the rain. 

Sea of cucumbers, melons and winter squash.  It's hard to imagine but we penetrate this vast tangle of vines 3 times a week to harvest cucumbers.  Soon it will be a daily task as the melons are ripening fast in this heat.  I'll admit every time I set my eyes on the patch, it looks daunting.  But then I settle into the task of swimming through the tangles, shifting leaves about searching for cucumbers that I know will delight the palate.  There are loads of yellow flowers and tiny fruit still to come and the sound of bees working hard at collecting their pollen make it seem like I'm working with a 1000 others.  

I don't know if you realize that cucumbers have spines on them; the fruit and the vines.  And if you have not noticed, it's been really, really hot outside : )   A HUGE HUGE HUGE shout of  THANKS to my amazing crew (work shares and paid employees) who have lugged cucumbers, picked beans and harvested/weeded/transplanted in conditions that are not as romantic as one may dream of when thinking of farming.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Simple ingredients make an amzing burst of flavor. Grated carrot, beet, kohl rabi with parsley, dill garlic and horseradish.  Mmmmm now that's a salad!

Eating well here at Little Ridge Farm!!! Home made roast beef with fresh veggies!!!

This Week's Bounty: cabbage, chard, onion, beet, carrot, beans, zukes, summer squash, cukes, tomato, kohl rabi, hakurei, basil, parsley, cilantro.....

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