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Monday, July 9, 2018

July 10th and 13th

Look What's Coming!

Our friend, Rick, brought a couple of bee hives over this spring and the inhabitants are responsible for pollinating your first of the season summer squash and zucchini!  The hives are right next to all of our "cucurbits" this year (cucumbers, melons, winter squash) so the bees will be in heaven for quite some time as these plants are just starting to flower.  I mean if I could work all day inside a flower... It's a bit of a dance harvesting, but we praise them all the while, a true symbiotic relationship.  

I know many of you probably still have not eaten your Chinese Cabbage (try it finely shredded on tacos or burritos, stir fry it, use it instead of rice...) but prepare yourself for glorious thin crispy peppery leaves.  I mean who can resist a gorgeous head of cabbage glistening with rain drops?  Speaking of rain, we are in desperate need of more, so put your dancing shoes on... 

And look who's looking good in the hoop house!  There are some fat green tomatoes in there.  It feels like they should ripen soon but for some reason it always seems to take FOREVER so don't get your hopes up too high that they'll be on your plate next week, but none the less they are looking gorgeous and growing so fast I am having a hard time keeping up with trellising them.

And I know I featured these guys last week, but they are so darn cute!! We have been moving them through luscious pea cover crop and they are just in heaven!  Although they have been "sweating like pigs" in this heat, they are still "happy as a pig in shi... mud".  Don't buy a "pig in a poke", know what you are buying and purchase your meat from Little Ridge Farm where the animals lead happy lives.

I mean, look at this buffet! (and the smiles on their faces!)

This Week's Bounty: lettuce, scallions, beets, shell peas/snap peas, hakurei turnip, kohl rabi, summer squash/zucchini(!), garlic scapes, green cabbage, basil snippets, parsley 

The Farmers' Table:
LRF Beef brisket 
Kraut Slaw -- try it, you''ll like it
Chard in everything, raw or cooked = yum

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