Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12th and 15th

Transplant Your Heart Out

June is the official "transplant month" here on the farm.  Yes we put tens of thousands of onion seedlings in the ground last month, but it does not compare to the hundreds of flats and thousands of plants we get in the ground in June.  Our short Maine season means there is small window of time to get plants in the ground so they will mature before fall frost.  Many crops take over 100 days to mature and in our 136 frost free days, that's tight.  The dry dry dry soil and windy days are complicating things a bit, making transplanting a bit more stressful for the plants.  And even when they are settled they are growing quite slow.  The nice thing about lack of rain is the weeds grow slow too, but at this point, I will take a few days of weeding for some rain.  

These little twig looking things are sweet potato slips.  They were sent to us from an Organic farm North Carolina.  We stick the slip in the ground and from it sprouts roots and a vine and hopefully large tubers.   Sorry to tempt summer shares with these pics....sweet potatoes are reserved for Holiday and Winter Shares : ) 

Puffa helping me do evening irrigation repair and remay covering after the winds died down.  He's a very good supervisor.  He even goes under the remay to do inspections.  If only I could get him to bring tools with him under there and he would actually do repair work while he was there, but for some reason he is easily distracted by bugs and leaves he finds along the way. 

This Week's Bounty: lettuce, arugula, radish, tat soi, pac choi ...

The Farmer's Table: (a snippet of our weekly feasts)
*Roast Chicken with a Japanese marinade
*tat soi, arugula and radish leaf sautee
*Anise Baked Pork Belly 
*Crunchy yummy salads with a homemade "good seasons paleo dressing"

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