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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October 3rd and 6th

A View from the Farm

I've been taking lots of photos lately. (I just haven't had time to blog!)  The farm has been almost overwhelmingly bountiful.  It's been a challenging season and to have so many happy images this time of year is a relief .  The cooler, less humid, air this week was also a welcomed relief (both for us and the plants).  This is my view as I weed lamb's quarter out of our oats and pea cover crop.

Usually this time of year, the tomato plants start to look pretty sad and harvest is not so much fun, but this year they still look lovely and are pumping out gorgeous tomatoes.  This is view I had when I rolled up the side after having it closed for a chilly night.  My phone doesn't take the best photos and this doesn't quite capture the beauty of my view, but it's close.  

Jean and Eileen harvest spinach while the pigs frolic in the background and I fill crates with broccoli florets.  This was my view last week at 8 am; it was already 80 and humid.  It looks more romantic than we felt : )  But still a great harvest!

Our best cauliflower crop ever.  Nice sized heads and plentiful.  We have been eating roasted cauliflower every day and loving it.  

The greenhouse has turned from a seedling house to a storage house of winter squash and sweet potatoes.  It's a colorful view full of various shapes and sizes.  The field where these grew is now bare and reseeded with cover crop for the winter.  it's the first thing I see when I cross the ridge into the back field.  Seems like just last week we were planting the little plants and covering them for protection.  We spent a lot of time weeding this crop this year and pampering it a bit, but it all paid off!  I'm sure it's making your mouth water just looking at the photo : )

This Week's bounty: lettuce, fennel, hakurei, chinese cabbage, kohl rabi, tat soi, cauliflower/broc, rainbow carrots, pepper, tomato, winter squash, onion -- yum!  Now I just need the frost to melt off so I can harvest everything!!!!


type in "fennel and kohl rabi", oh my there are lots of yummy looking salads with apples too!!

The Farmer's Table:
*sweet and sour eggplant and peppers
*veggie lasagna
*stir fry beets and pork with rice noodles
*roasted cauliflower
*pork roast stew with celery, carrots and spinach

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