Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 11th and 14th

Unveiling Summer

This week is an exciting week on the farm!  The zucchini, summer squash and cucumbers are starting to fruit, so we will uncover them from their protective lair. We are still about a week away from harvesting, but soon, real soon, the taste of summer will bless your palate!

Other excitement is the rebuilding of our rock wall.  It was becoming a bit precarious, so our friend and dry mason, Chris Tanguy, from Maine Dry Stone has taken on the challenge.  Another friend and I had built the original wall nearly 10 years ago, and although I am a bit sad to see it go, I will be more at ease knowing it wont fall down!  It's been a tight squeeze working back there, kind of like too many cooks in the kitchen, but I am impressed at how efficient his equipment is. It's been pretty fun to see all the kids (girls and boys alike) so excited to see cool new equipment in the driveway. Although the equipment is extremely handy, there is still much hand (and back!) work going into this rebuild. We were comparing notes on massage therapists and acupuncturists as I washed radishes : )

And finally the pigs are excited too!  (aren't they always?!)  This little girl's tail is wiggling a mile a minute, so happy in her new green pasture. They are out by the strawberries now, be sure to visit them! You can also check out THIS pretty cute video of them playing in water.

This week's Bounty: lettuce, chinese cabbage/green cabbage, hakurei turnips, chard, garlic scapes and herbs.

The farmer's Table: (a sample of what we ate fro the week)
*burgers (one of my favs)! from our grass fed beef.  with homemade pickles, pickled peppers, mushrooms and Spring Day cheese

*cabbage slaw (on top of 4th of July hot dogs!)

*homemade pizza (Portland Pie dough) spinach, bacon, shitake....

*yummy salads with homemade dressings (use the PYO herbs!) and diced kohl rabi

*Italian Style Pot Roast (we use lovage, from the PYO garden) soo goood!

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