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Sunday, October 9, 2016

October 11th and 14th

For the Love of Food and Music

or should I say...

I had a rare moment off the farm and met Zach in New Orleans for a few days after a conference he had.  So much fun!!  One of the best places we ate was a "Dat Dog" hot dog place.  The perfect fix for a late night craving!

Crab and corn bisque, Rabbit and Chicken liver pate with pickled watermelon rinds, apple compote, blueberry compote and mustards at "Luke's".  Delectable!

Compliments of the chef at Luke's after we had a long discussion about the wonders of food...a classic New Orleans dessert, Bread Pudding with rum and home made ice cream.

Beignets and Chicory coffee from the 1862 french Cafe du Monde

Fried chicken from the famous Willie Mae's.  Oh my!

Breakfast at "The Ruby Slipper".  Zach's bloody Mary was infused with bacon and topped with dilly beans.  I had two of their signature Benedicts:
SHRIMP BOOGALOO BENEDICT Gulf shrimp sautéed with pork tasso, served over fried green tomatoes & a buttermilk biscuit, topped with poached eggs, finished with Coubion sauce 
EGGS COCHON Slow-cooked, apple-braised pork debris served over a buttermilk biscuit, topped with two poached eggs, finished with hollandaise

Lunch at "Coop's"... a little Shrimp Gumbo and Special Jambalaya.  SO. SO. GOOD!

T' Canaille at the Tropical Isle on Bourbon St.  Zydeco!

Street Fun!

Nathan and the Zydeco Cha-Cha's playing at the Rock n' Bowl.  Yes they are hip down there!!!  They are making Mainers look pretty boring : )

We danced, we ate, we walked, we fully enjoyed ourselves.  Now we are dancing zydeco in the kitchen and eating home made etoufee  : )

This Week's Bounty: lettuce, onion, carrot, beet, pepper, tomato, fennel, celery, hakurei turnip with greens, lots of greens: pac choi, tat soi, kale, spinach and winter squash.

Delicata Squash -- sweet and creamy.  just wash, cut and need to peel!!  They are awesome roasted or on pizza.

Acorn Squash -- a light flavor these are yummy, stuffed, baked or in soups.

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