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Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 21st/24th and 28th/July 1st

King Berry 

Strawberry season has arrived!  And just in time to sweeten this tricky start to summer.  We are picking off a new patch that was planted last spring and the plants are looking sooo happy!  Since the patch is just starting to ripen, there are loads of mammoth berries out there.  The first and largest berry to ripen on each plant is called the "king" berry.  It's been fun seeing how huge some of them are!

The picking is awesome--Jean and I picked over 160 quarts this week for your CSA shares.

This week's harvest was full of yummy greens.  I am excited that many of you tried the Pac Choi--I hope you like them.  I just ate some for lunch, sauteed with asparagus, arugula and mushrooms on top of pasta.  This is Cameron, one of my Friday morning helpers, he was "Pig Man" that day...picking up all the "2nds" that came off the greens we were harvesting and fed them to the pigs.  Needless to say, he has 10 more very close friends! 

Simon, as usual, trying to drive the truck,  He barely left room for Joanne and I to sit up front.  

We recorded 0.2" of rain last Wednesday.  Boy did it feel good!  It's back to bone dry again, but it looks like we could be getting a bit more early this week?  Although the dry weather is rough, keeping it all in perspective, I am glad we are not in a flood, and I am thankful for the harvest we are receiving.

This Week's Bounty: lettuce, asparagus, storage carrot, tat soi and shell peas and something else, but I cannot decide between chard and kohl rabi : )

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