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Monday, September 29, 2014

September 30th and October 3rd


I know it seems early, but it's time to order your Thanksgiving bird!  Several years ago I decided to raise the turkeys only until the grass was good for grazing and the air temps were warm enough to not freeze their water.  Turkeys like it hot, and when I tried to keep them all the way through November, they just didn't seem happy in those cold November rains.  Turns out, it was a good decision as now most butcher shops will not process birds beyond the middle of October.  That means the bird has to go in the freezer before thanksgiving.  Some folks say a fresh bird is better, but I believe, if they are raised right, fresh or frozen, either way they taste amazing.  I mean look at them...fresh grass, warm sun, a pet dog--how could a turkey's life get any better!?
 Don't delay--order now!
We have been busy harvesting storage crops in this fine dry weather.  We are almost done with the onions and this week, we will start on more potatoes.  Although the drier weather is not great for the fall crops that are still growing, it makes harvesting oh so easy and delightful.  Of course, I still have another month or so of harvesting to get through: carrots, turnip, rutabaga, leeks, cabbage...I am feeling good about our progress so far.  The stressful part?  Where do I put it all?!  I am scrounging for crates and soon I will have to squeeze thousands of pounds of food into my tiny little walk in.  It is a good dilemma to have, I am thankful for the bounty.
Fall Farm Potluck!
All Shareholders invited (meat and veggie)
Sunday Oct. 5th 1-3
This week's bounty: lettuce, tat soi/yokata na, kale, savoy cabbage, leeks, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet peppers, fennel, acorn squash...
The Farmer's Table:
*chicken soup with homemade stock and fresh veggies
*pork burritos with homemade adobo sauce
*broccoli lasagna with a crunchy lettuce salad
*beef stir fry with green beans and baby summer squash

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