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Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 12th and 15th


The cabbage is rocking!  I didn't mean to have 2 plantings ready back to back, but sometimes, that's just how it goes.  Time for summer picnics!!  This is Faro.  It, like the Tendersweet, is a summer cabbage with thin, sweet leaves meant to be eaten in cole slaw or stir fry (not made into kraut).   
from the left: fall broccoli, summer cabbage, fall cabbage, leeks, sweet potatoes, asparagus
The melons are rocking!  Soon cantaloupes will be ready, but for now we will continue to enjoy the juicy yellow and red watermelons!  The rinds are super yummy too in stir fry or you can pickle them.  It takes a little work to take the skin off, but worth the effort.

The turkeys are rocking...and squawking!  They are happy to be outside in the grass chasing bugs and eating leaves.  They are a noisy bunch this year though and have made one of us run to check on them more than once...only to find them standing there with one loud mouth right in the center yelling "yerp! yerp! yerp!" for no apparent reason at all. Hmmpf.  They are lucky they're still cute : )
The flowers are rocking!  This is Zach's new favorite flower, a cutting phlox.  The flowers may be tiny, but they have long stems and hold in the vase for a long time.  Their bright little faces will keep flowering all season. 

My Dinners are rocking!  I am still being well fed by my sweet husband Zach. (he reads this, so I am going for brownie points right now).  We have continued to enjoy eating small plate/tapas style....chicken with sour cherries, sliced peppers, sautéed summer squash, sliced tomatoes and basil, Spring Day cheese and Paul's bread. 
So I think yesterday was the first day in a long time I did not get rained on while harvesting cukes and zukes (or should I say, it was the first day I was not nearly struck by lightening).  I am looking forward to some rain free days and NOT looking forward to the heavy rain predicted on Wednesday.  So it goes.  Most crops are hiking up their roots and producing heavily through the mud.  We are hoping for a long summer, well into early October, so the late planted winter squash have time to catch up.  Funny how each crops grows different from year to year.  Eating seasonally is certainly not boring!  I hope you are fully enjoying what this season's growth has brought us.
This week's bounty: cabbage, Chinese cabbage, onions, baby leeks, green beans, broccoli, zukes, cukes, summer squash, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers(?), watermelon (half shares) and parsley

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