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Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 23rd and 26th: ahhhhh


ahh the cooler/dryer weather is so welcomed!  Looks like we are in for some rain this week too, which in small doses will be nice.  The harvest just keeps getting more and more bountiful, sometimes even I am overwhelmed with the bounty of the farm.  Know that each season is different and I pass whatever the gardens grow on to you.  Sometimes the weight I say you may take home may seem like too much for your family to eat in a week, please do not feel burdened by your share, but rather just take what you can and enjoy!
Harvesting is daily task these days.  Cukes, zukes and summer squash already grow fast but the heat we were having made them explode.  Picking cucumbers is sort of like Farmer Twister.  The plants are thick and trailing and we try to step between the leaves and cukes, not on them.  Sometimes we get our legs so stretched out, it is hard to stand back up!
I wanted to give you a tutorial on the cukes, zukes and summer squash we grow, so you can try the different varieties and see which are your favorite...
All of these cukes are great for fresh eating and pickling:
Far Left: Cross Country pickling cuke
Middle: Phoona Keerna (an heirloom from India that grows from light yellow to looking like a russet potato. Crisp and sweet at any stage.  The more mature fruits can even be used in stir-fries and noodle recipes, chutneys and long marinades)
Far Right: Tasty Jade, thin skinned Japanese cuke

From the Left:
Safari, Sebring, Costata Roamnesca, Noche, Jackpot
Summer Squash:
Zephyr and Sunburst Patty Pan
Both are sweet and nutty, can be used for fresh eating, grilling, stuffing...

Orient Express Eggplant.  Not for eggplant parm, but great for stir fry or frying in a light batter.  Because a few shareholders twisted my arm, I have been experimenting with eggplant these past couple of years.  I know not everyone likes them, so I only grow a few.  If you don't get any at this week's pick up--there will be more to come!

The PYO garden is bursting with color, even the cherry tomatoes are starting!  Please know that the herbs, flowers and fruits in this garden are free with your share and for your enjoyment!
This Week's Bounty: lettuce, beets with greens, cukes, zukes, summer squash, green beans, green cabbage, scallions, eggplant/tomato for some, garlic scapes (sorry i didn't have them last week, I ran out of time to harvest them!)basil, dill, cilantro, cutting celery (an herb with great celery flavor)
super fast super tasty super crunchy salad
Mix and match cukes, zukes, summer squash, scapes, scallions, basil, dill, cilantro, cutting celery
chop and mix
add salt/vinegar/oil ... or not

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