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Monday, June 24, 2013

June 25th and 28th: A Pot of Gold

Rainbows, Rainbow Chard and Red Ripe Berries!

We are in the land of rainbows here.  Many times we see whole and double ones.  Thank goodness we have been benefitting from a little rain and rainbows and missing the severe storms.  Let's hope our luck continues!

Yummy chard torte (found on our swiss chard recipe blog) that I actually cooked.  (I gave Zach a break form the kitchen.)  And then tonight we ate an amazing swiss chard salad with Delmonico steak from our grass-fed beef.  (Zach back on kitchen duty.)

The pigs have a new home! It's just over the little ridge--be sure to hop over and see them!!!

Hot weather is good for weeding...and growing corn!  Unfortunately I had to reseed the corn and pumpkins again this year and we are hoping for a long summer so they grow in time before the frost.  Normally I cover the seed with remay (the white cloth) to ward off crows from eating the young seedlings, but the humid weather made me feel it may rot the seed again.  So instead I hung a crow in the middle of the field (that small black thing to the left of Simon).  An old timer's trick to scare them off.  Let's hope it works!  And I promise to remove it from the field before your corn is even close to being ready!  Geez just looking at this photo makes me hot--I can SEE the humidity--and it was 8am!

Broccoli this week!

PYO strawberries open!!! (for CSA members only, sorry no public)
This week's awesome bounty: lettuce/lettuce mix, arugula, hakurei turnip with greens, white kohl rabi, kale, spinach, broccoli, beet greens, scallions, asparagus for some, strawberries!
Next week's possibilities: lettuce, arugula, white kohl rabi, scallions, chard...
chard salad: if you still have some in your frige from last week, or save this recipe for next...just finely shop the chard into ribbon like pieces (stem and all), add a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, diced scallions, salt and pepper--enjoy!
KALE chips (and kale dusted popcorn--oooh, interesting!)

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