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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sept 4th and 7th: end of summer

The Last Summer Planting

So this is it, the last transplants of the year.  Hopefully they will have time to grow nice and sweet for the last month of pick ups.  I have been spoiled by warm falls and an extended growing season these past few years!  I must say the warmth has been welcome and I am not looking forward to frosty mornings and having to cover plants.  Not yet anyway.  Maine goes by the September 15th rule, meaning this is the potential date for the first frost.  It makes the season seem so short!  Lately though we have been golden until about mid October, a whole extra month of growing for sensitive crops like basil, tomatoes and squashes.  I am hoping for that extra month this year as I had to replant the winter squash this year, putting in in the ground quite late, and although there are nice sized squashes out there they are far from being mature...

 A Weekend of Relaxing!

Zach and I (and Simon) were able to get away this weekend and celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary!  We always try and celebrate with a little camping/canoeing trip and this year we were blessed with warm sunny weather and calm winds on Pierce Pond.  We saw tons of loons, a bald eagle, a Cooper's hawk and an otter (we think, it was from pretty far away).  Lots of swimming, reading and paddling...hence the very late blog post : )
This week's harvest: carrots, peppers, tomatoes, chard, lettuce, greenbeans, summer squash, cukes, hakurei turnip, dill, cilantro, parsley, basil and corn for full shares 
Last Night's Dinner:  A camping feast worth having at home...potatoes, greenbeans, peppers, sausage, a bit of cheese and a bottle of wine of course

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