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Monday, September 26, 2011

September 2th and 29th

A Misty Farewell
So the cows head off tomorrow.  It is always a rush of emotions when it is time to send the animals to West Gardiner.  We spend a lot of time with the animals: moving, feeding, scratching, sharing an evening beer.  I can't imagine having a farm without them.  I sometimes think I should be a vegetarian but my body tells me otherwise.  I feel good that these creatures have spent their days with us.  Happy, outside, grazing and being who they are, be it a cow, pig or turkey.  Still, I am always sad to see them go. Not just sad though, grateful as well...blessed and bountiful.

I give thanks. 
(Especially if they load into the trailer with ease tomorrow.)

PYO Pumpkin Party
THIS Saturday the 1st of October

Wagon Rides to the pumpkin patch at 11 am!!!

This Week's Loot:  I am not entirely sure actually.  It has been a crazy week (and it is only Monday!)  But I promise there will be some veg including carrots and a winter squash : )

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