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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week 2--The Stink

This spring we brought in some picked crab and lobster shells to spread on some of the fields. As the crow flies, we are only 10 miles from the ocean, but on hot days, the ocean seems far, far away. This 40 yard pile of crustaceans brought the wonder..and smell...of the ocean right to our back yard...and our neighbor's back yards!

Luckily once we spread it on the fields, the smell dissipated and the soils are swimming in good ocean nutrients.

Although wet, this week was a positive week. It was so fun to meet all of you AND the peas came into flower yesterday! That means, we SHOULD have peas by the 4th of July!

Please come to the farm for a farm tour Saturday June 27th.
We will have two tour times, one beginning at 10am and one beginning at 1pm, starting from the Community Barn where you pick up your vegetables. We would like to give you a quick farm introduction so that each time you visit, you may feel comfortable to walk the fields, visit the animals and pick your own flowers and herbs. Feel free to bring a packed lunch to have before or after tour. We don't have any tables yet, so bring a blanket! There also should be PYO strawberries by then...yum! (Bring your own container)
This week's harvest brings us more greens...rutabaga greens! I just ate mine sauteed in butter and served under a leftover parsnip pattie--YUM!

What is the difference between a rutabaga and a turnip? Turnips are in the mustard family and have been eaten since ancient times. They are White inside and have a high water content so they do not store. Rutabagas originated in the 1700's in Scandinavia. They are orange inside and store for a VERY long time : ) Both the turnip and rutabaga are moderately good sources of food fiber, calcium, and vitamins A and C; but, nutritionally, rutabagas are superior, having almost twice the amount of nutrients as the white turnip.

Baby Rutabaga Greens:

A bunch of greens, they shrink when you cook them!
Wash thoroughly!!!!!

5 Tbs butter

Salt and Pepper

Chop greens and toss into melted butter
Cook on low heat with a lid, just a few minutes
Add a little bacon grease for added flavor!

Glazed Rutabaga Ovals:

1 large rutabaga

3Tbs butter

1 tsp sugar

salt and pepper

Slice the rutabaga in 1/4 inch discs
Roll then in the butter and sprinkle on sugar
flip and cook on medium heat until browned, about 10 minutes

Next Week's Harvest: Beet greens?, head lettuce--hopefully!, chard, radishes, herbs and probably more rutabaga greens : )


  1. Not just shells, but a couple of whole lobsters too :)
    And, oh, the peas in my tiny garden came into bloom today! It gives me a great sense of success knowing mine flowered at the same time as someone who actually knows what they are doing.

  2. I just made both these recipes for lunch, but did a lot more sugar on the rutabaga ovals so they pretty much tasted like candied veggies. Anyhow, at first my husband tasted the greens and said "Wow, they are bitter, but I'm going to make myself eat stuff that's good for me." I was disappointed because I loved them. Then he tried a bite of rutabaga mixed with the greens and proclaimed that it was the most amazing thing he's ever eaten. Thanks for the recipes and for growing such great food :-)

  3. Justin here-- Did not make it to hmm and haw over the vegies, Lacey got to do that. Im on the mission to use these recipies tonight! I indulged and indulged untill vegies were coming out of my ears last pick up. These vegies wont last the weekend, and thats a lot of vegies!